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Arman Construction

Arman Construction

Arman Construction provides industrial services like shutdown services, High-Pressure Hydro Blasting, Scaffolding and many more.

What work I did for Arman Construction

  1. Develop its new website
  2. Created company’s letterhead, visiting card, and envelop design.
  3. Created company new profile design and its content.

Challenges I face:

Before creating any website I need to understand the company work and about its services. Industrial company is new to me so, I firstly did some research about company services and fieldwork. The research work helps me to understand company nature.

After some researching and an extensive talk with the company MD. I nearly understand their work which ultimately helped me to design company website and their portfolio.

1.Company website

Take a look at the company website: http://armanconstruction.in


2. Design 


Letterhead Design


3. Company Profile design:

A company profile really helps to show other companies about their work. It is very important for a company that they show their work to other bigger companies which eventually provide more work.

I also created a company profile for Arman construction which looks informative with good design.

  • Category :

    Web Design

  • Date :

    Jul . 26 . 2018