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How to find hashtags for your Brand in 2017

When it comes to the selection of hashtags for your Instagram, it may be a headache for you.No one likes headache.

But did you know using only some hashtags gives you a good reach? 

Right here we are going to learn about how you can easly going to find and arrange your hastags as your need. 

Don’t take tension because I am not going to give you some hard ways because I know you are lazy , I am lazy too.

So first I am just showing you what we are going to learn today. You can also navigate to topic you want to know first

  1. Introduction
  2. where the hashtag concept come from?
  3. Why you should use Instagram hashtags
  4. How Instagram hashtags work
  5. Types of hashtags
  6. How to organize hashtags
  7. How to find hashtags using tools
  8. how to create your own branded hashtags 


It is a pound sign #. It is sharp note In the musical notation.

When it comes to the social media people are using hashtags to get more attention.

People are using more hashtags for getting more reach.

Hashtags are popular on the platform like twitter and facebook.


Where the hashtag concept come from?

Chris Messina is the person who suggests the idea of hashtags to the twitter.

He is a social technology expert.

He used the first hashtag  #barcamp in Aug 2007.

The whole twitter appeared like this:-

origial hashtag min

Why you should use Instagram Hashtags

Instagram is one of the leading social media platforms

If you want to make your brand then this is the right time because people on Instagram are so active.

Using right hashtags give your brand more reach.

You can use 30 hashtags max. on Instagram so use it wisely.

Choosing your right hashtag is very important because it gets reach to your right audience and that’s what matter “reaching out to your right audience”.

Peoples are using hashtags without sense because they think that more hashtags give them reach but

It’s not more hashtags it’s right hashtags.


How Instagram hashtags work

On every Instagram post, you create is end by adding some short message or caption and few hashtags.Hashtags help to organize photo and video content.

Every hashtag you used Instagram make a different gallery for them. 

Example like when a food blogger post some photo he can use hashtags like #foodie, #foodporn etc.


Find hashtags

You can see that  Instagram profile use many hashtags when someone on Instagram searches you from this hashtags then they might find you.



When you search the hashtag on Instagram it automatically arranges.

It arranges in two columns first in the Top post and the second one is most recent.

In top post section, there is nine top post showing. These posts are top for the particular hashtags you are searching for.

And most recent column shows the newest posts for that hashtags.

Types of Hashtags

It is needed to understand hashtags categories. Learning about different hashtags categories help you to target your right audience.


Branded Hashtags

Branded hashtags are the hashtag used by your company.It can be your company name or a name you want to promote your business. 

Many companies use branded hashtags for promoting their product. Companies also spend money to reach out to more people for their branded hashtags.

23 min

Adidas using #heretocreate hashtags for their campaign. These type of  hashtags used by company to promote their product

Community Hashtags

Community hashtags are the hashtags which are used by people to connect to the other people who have the same interest.

By using community hashtags people are really connect with each other and express themselves through photos and videos.


33 min

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