4 Golden rules for facebook page marketing

Marketing is the most crucial part of any industry, without marketing business is like without voice.

In old days marketing takes lots of budgets to boost the business sales. But all these things get changed when facebook and youtube came in the market.

Today you don’t need a good budget to take over, you need a good content and a social media page to get lots of fans.

Yes just like that, surprised, I also once surprised like you when I see the power of social media.

Let’s talk about social media, Today social media is one of the most powerful media to influence people. Many sports brands like Adidas, Nike, are using social media marketing in a totally different way.

You can do the same, you just need a proper guidance and some faith because good things take time.

Today here we will see some tips to maintain a social media page and how can you get a good fan base just by doing regular updates.

Let’s start with the Facebook page and how can you grow a good user audience.

But wait before creating a facebook page you need to choose a niche.

You need to choose a niche.

Golden Rules for Facebook page marketing

1. Choosing a niche

Well, you can not just create a facebook page until you don’t know what you are going to post on your page.

So, First, you need to know what type of content you going to publish on Social media.

It is very necessary that whatever you select, choose a specific niche. Because people always like FB page which is about one topic.

If your page is about fun/comedy then there are lots of content out there on FB. You can reshare on your page or create some funny content out of that.

Let’s take an example If your page is about science content then it is really important that you need to show science related informative content on your page. Posting regular information about your niche showing that your page is active and worth sharing which eventually give you likes.

2. Complete your Facebook profile

First Impression is the last Impression

You always heard this phrase many times. As you know this is the true statement which is also applied on your facebook page.

If a visitor came to your facebook page and found incomplete information about you or your brand then it is a matter of time that it goes to the different page.

Let see what is the meaning of a complete profile.

  • Set your profile picture
  • Set your cover pic
  • Complete you about us section of your page.
  • Set the CTA button of your facebook page


Set your profile picture

A good profile pictures surely help people to grab the attention of the people.

Set your cover pic

Cover pictures really matter when you want to attract your fans.

Curly tales really did an awesome thing. After checking the cover pic you surely check her page post as well for sure.

This is the power of the cover photo.

You can use both photo and video in you cove pic.

Complete you about us section of your page.

It is important to complete about us page because its shows your contact details and information about your page.

Set the CTA button of your facebook page

Facebook providing many CTA buttons which gives you lots of options to choose from.

You can choose how can people interact with you on your page with these options.

3. Post Regularly

Carpenter strikes his hammer on nail continuously so that nail can go inside the wood faster.

What if he waits for 5 min and then strikes back again.

What going to happen, his work is not going to get easier. He surely takes a lot of time before one nail.

Same goes for Social media. You need to be active on it.

And create more content constantly so that you can post on the page.

Posting daily is shows that you are active on your page.

But, Sometimes it is not possible to post daily because of different reason.

but that’s ok. I am saying that you need to be regular on your facebook page.

Many people have one question that how can they post daily because sometimes creating content takes time.

The answer is simple, Planning.

If you have a brand page then make a month or a week social media content plan in advance.

Sit for 1 hour and plan that what you are going to post in an upcoming week and then organize your content like that.

This is the most simple way to post continuously on your FB page.

The same planning goes for your personal page too. If you started a personal or created a page for fun, advance planning is going to help for sure.


4. Engage with your fans

If you are not talking with your fans then you are losing some serious engagement on your page.

Not engaging with you fan showing that admin of the page is not serious about the page and eventually facebook algorithm gives your page less visibility.

If you regularly interact with page comments, then there is always a possibility that your fan is going to comment on your another post also.

Commenting on the previous post, boost post visibility with some new audience which helps overall visibility of page.

How can a brand get business just from interacting with fans?

Well, no one wants to buy your product until they have trust in your brand. By interacting with them you are creating trust which eventually converts into your customer one day.

Not only for business pages but if you also have a simple page just for entertaining people you need to interact with your fans.

There are many pages which are interacting with their fans are creating a business out of them.

Well, I can say that you need to organize your content and keep an eye on your FB analytics which gives you the right information abut your content. Analyse your content and change your content plan accordingly.

Posting at right time on page can help your post to get reach most. You need to be regular in watching your page insight which help you know what things are working on the page and whats not.


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