Create Seo friendly URL, The way you always wanted to be

What do you understand from SEO friendly URL?

User-friendly URL is one of the basic parts of Search engine optimization(SEO).

Using good structure URL helps your website to get indexing and raise your ranking under search engines.

Many bloggers in their starting period used non-friendly URL that makes their website less visible.

SEO friendly URL creates a good reputation between search engines and the user. Creating a user-friendly URL is not a tough job.

In this blog you and me together going to understand more about user-friendly URL.

Why is It important to have a user-friendly URL?

Understand for this what if you browsing some information for some new topic and you encounter a URL like this.

Rules to create seo friendly url

Did it feel suspicious to you?

Using this type of URL decrease CTR of the website because user feels this website as a nonfriendly one.

Now let’s see this URL.

Seo friendly url

Now what you think, after seeing this type of URL?

This type of URL is are easily readable.

You can easily understand what this link is about.

Benefits of Seo friendly URL

Improve user experience

A good url improve your readability for search engine & humans.

If your website is using a well-crafted URL then it is easy to understand what your page is about for both search engine and humans.

let see an example here:

human readable for url

By seeing the URL you easily guess that this link is about I phone 8 review. So if you are searching iPhone 8 reviews, there is a chance that you are going to click on this links.

This is how a well-crafted url increase user and search engine experience.

Keyword Value

Now the question is, can keywords in URL increase your page rank in search engines?

IT is not clear that keyword increases the rank or not, but it surely increases your relevance rate.

I think using your keyword in url is a good practice because a user can easily understand that what the page is about by just seeing it.

CTR(Click through rate)

CTR means how often you link is clicking by users.

High CTR means that people clicking your website link and if they like your content then it also increases your page authority.

There are other factors which also affect you CTR like your title effectiveness. You can also check your website title effectiveness by using  Coschedule headline analyzer

Social Value

Sharing your link to social media can increase social value of a website. If people like your content, then they can easily share your URL. People showing more interest in sharing if your URL is short.

If you get a lot of sharing then your website gain its social value. Which also affect in your search engine ranking.

Rules to create an SEO friendly URL.

Creating a well-crafted URL is very important for your blog because it increases your website authority.

Now we going to create a URL which helps your website to gain rank.

Keep it short

Short URLs are easily readable both for humans and search engine.

Don’t make your URL complex.

Let see an example.

short url

Did you like its url?

Simple url like this is user-friendly for people and search engines. Just use your important words or keywords.

Use Keywords

Using your keyword in url help people and search engine to know what your page is about.

Don’t stuff your multiple keywords in your url because if you do it then you ends up with less visibility.

might be better as

Be descriptive

Make you url descriptive, remove numbers and any special characters.

should be rewritten to

Remove special characters

should be rewritten to

Keep it lowercase

It is good practice to keep url lowercase not uppercase.

Most major search engines are not case sensitive today.but it is recommended to use lowercase.

Remove Stop words

Words like a, the, of, for are count as stop words, it is not recommended to use stop word in your url.

Here is a list of stop words you might want to know  

Now days google automatically filter your stop words from your URL or title

But I recommended that to remove stop words from your keyword that you want to use.

Using stop words between you keyword can alter your ranking.

Keep it 2 level or less

Create your url up to 2 level :

www.example.com/blog/blog-name (good example)

www.example.com/category/category1/blog-name (ok)

www.example.com/category/category1/category2/blog-name. (bad example)

Keyword stuffing

It is important to note that don’t do keyword stuffing in url because url looks spammy to both people and search engines.

keyword stuffing may reflect your website as spammy to the search engine and I know surely that you don’t want that.

Match URL with your title

URLs appear in search results too, So people can see it.

It is visible to people so keeping the same URL as title helps to get more clicks. And having something that looks helpful and makes people want to click is an advantage in itself.

These are some tips by me. Hope you understand now that It is important to have a user-friendly URL.

If you have a question comment below so that I can answer it.

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