8 Important Things To Do After You Publish Your Blog

8 things to do after you publish a blog

8 Important Things To Do After You Publish Your Blog

You write a good content which is very well optimized in respect of keyword.

Now what? You are going to publish your well-written blog.

But is it enough to reach out to the people who may be interested in your blog?

No, absolutely not. You have to make some more efforts.

So, today I am going to share some tips which you can use for your blog which you just have written recently.

My first method,

Share your blog on social media

Sharing your blog on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc really help you to get some more visitors.

When you share your blog on your profile, people who know you and trust you they are going to view your blog because you write it.

Do some status update with your blog link, I am sure that your effort going to work.

Thing you can do on social media

  1. Status update
  2. share your blog in groups(same niche)
  3. Make a video about your blog.
  4. You can also create stories.
  5. Boost you post to your target audience
  6. Share multiple times, but don’t do spam.
  7. Send personal messages to people you know who are interested to read your blog

Sharing is always good Because if you share something in real life and here too you are making some new opportunities

Now you know ways of share on social media If you think these tips are going to help you then share your thoughts in comment section.

Social Bookmarking

What you do when you find something important in the book?

You mark it with colour or insert bookmark there because you find it important or you are going to study after some time.

bookmark by vishal singh

Social bookmark is a centralized service where people can bookmark their important websites.

Why people prefer centralized service over their browser bookmark? It because today’s world people are always moving and operate different systems like mobile, tabs, Pc, laptop.

People can easily get access to there important website by just using these centralized bookmark services.

How is it going to get you more visitors?

Now social bookmarking websites become search engine themselves.

Many people around the globe using social bookmark website as a place to read different articles.

They choose their different interest in these websites and websites shows them many other new websites according to there interest.

It a huge opportunity that those visitors of social bookmarking sites came to read your blog content.

Some social bookmarking sites are

  1. Pinterest
  2. Delicious
  3. Reddit
  4. StumbleUpon
  5. scoop.it

Want more website. These websites also help you to create link building for your blog.

Reply to your Fans

You don’t want to miss your organic reach that your fans can create.

If you handing a page where you share your latest work or your blog then don’t forget to reply whenever comment came to your comment section.

If you know Neil Patel, You see he never forget to reply his fans.

neil patel fan reply vishal singh

Why Neil Patel do this? He does this because he knows by replying his readers/fans he making a personal connection to their fans.

Comments on Blog and forums

Do save some time to visit other websites to comment on there blog in the comment section.

Commenting on the similar website like yours can create an impression in google.

It also builds links for your website.

Leave your comments on the website like Quora and yahoo answers can increase your website visitors.

Specifically, Quora is a website with lots of traffic, people come on quora every day to find their answers. If you able to answer peoples problem then there is a huge opportunity that quora visitors can visit your website in the process of find answers.

There are many live forums where you can find your visitors which may come to your website.

Share with your subscribers

Good, you are started to writing blogs.

But did you start using email marketing tool, If not then why?

If you start something and want to make it big, then email marketing tool is very important.

Once you start your blog then try to use email marketing tools which are available in the market.

Once you create a good subscriber list then always send them your blogs, so that they can read your blogs.

If you are searching for a free email marketing tool then Mailchimp is your best option.

Do Paid promotion

I think not everyone wants to do this because promotion needs money.

If you did build a good community and people know you then it is good to promote your blogs by paid promotion.

The paid promotion gives you extra reach.

If you are able to target your right audience(people who are interested in your blog) then you may get a good traffic from there.

You can do paid promotion on facebook, twitter, LinkedIn where your potential readers are.

Update your blog on google webmaster tool

This is the first step, but I write it in last because I forgot to mention.Haha

Whenever you write a new blog always updates its link in google webmaster tool. It is super easy.

If you didn’t register your website in google webmasters tool, you are doing a big mistake. Because for indexing your website properly on google you need to update your website in google webmaster tool.

If you want to learn about google webmaster tool there are tons of videos available on YouTube.

Share multiple times

Sharing only one time is not enough because you can not reach many people by sharing only once.

Try to share your link multiple times but by taking gaps in time.

The best way to share your blogs multiple times is to create an auto schedule so that your post gets publish automatically.

Share your blog on different social media and bookmarking sites and after some time again share on these platoforms.


There are more tips I am going share in some other blogs. If you have any question relate to this blog or any other then please write it in comments.

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